We provide Transformational Breath®️. This breathing technique opens and helps to clear blocked energy which is stored in the body, this can include past pain, emotional memories and negative thoughts. The high vibrational frequency of the breath raises anything of a lower vibration to allow it to be integrated and released/accepted. By learning to open our breath we open up to more life. We can become free of fear, stress, depression, PTSD and other conditions and instead fill our lives with more love, joy and abundance.

Breathing in Peace CIC is a not for profit social enterprise that has been set up to promote conscious connected breathing as a method for improving physical, emotional and mental health for veterans, serving armed forces personnel and their families.

Forgotten Veterans UK (FVUK) is a non political, respectful group for serving Armed Forces personnel, the Veteran community and their associated families and anyone from any background who wishes to support the UK Veteran Community. They openly welcome anyone with a keen interest in what they do.

Wanting the ultimate calming experience go for complete darkness and quietness allowing your mind to completely melt away any stresses, distractions and noises.